An interactive,fluid and pleasant living environment

Between now and 2022, Monaco’s Smart City will be focusing on three main objectives: building the final links in a first class, connected transport system, improving the living environment through interaction with its inhabitants and achieving better control of urban planning and major environmental markers.


In terms of mobility, several initiatives will enhance the services on offer and improve information and traffic flow:

  • connected bus shelters, fully functional digital reference points in the heart of the city, equipped with new services (Wi-Fi, environmental sensors, services for tourists and inhabitants, etc.);
  • an application that helps residents, commuters and tourists to plan their journeys by viewing all the available transport solutions;
  • a bigger range of shared electric bicycles, made accessible to occasional users;
  • testing of self-driving electric shuttles for passenger transport.

Relationship to the city

Digital technology will also be the key to offering local inhabitants a new relation- ship with their city. Looking beyond the online availability of information relating to the living environment from 2019 onwards, the “voice of the user” will be taken into account to make services more efficient: an application will collect and process feedback, thereby creating a continuous improvement loop. A digital platform for services between inhabitants (childcare, car-pooling, lending of items, etc.) will help to strengthen the social bond and create communities of interest at building, neighborhood or municipal level. It should also be used to roll out new initiatives such as citizen consultation.

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And in the future?

Improved mobility that increases quality of life by optimizing traffic during peak hours, by offering more shared, connected and ecological transport, and by providing better information for users and more efficient interoperability between modes of transport.

Data capture and exploitation will be the essential foundations for the construction of a smart city. In the longer term, Monaco will have predictive capacity in key areas such as air quality, noise, traffic and energy consumption of buildings, through the development of “hypervision” tools and urban planning.


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Major Topics

of the Extended Monaco Program

Major Topics

of the Extended Monaco Program