Cutting edge, easily accessible medical care

Monaco boasts one of the longest life expectancies in the world, proof if it were necessary of the excellence of its healthcare system. For the Monégasque healthcare system, digital technology must be a driving force to boost the performance of its healthcare offer, and above all an opportunity to strengthen the links between patients and caregivers.

The idea for a “connected” patient is primarily to be a better-informed patient who has been reassured about their treatment and is more involved in their care pathway. The healthcare system will be “enhanced” rather than weakened, through the use of advanced interaction, collaboration, empowerment, digitization, detection, analysis and artificial intelligence solutions. The approach must be responsible in dealing with the digital world: by making digital technology work for human beings, ensuring that confidentiality is protected and by finding a balance between traditional personal contact and digital methods.

IMPROVING the patient experience

  • Seamless interaction of patients with the health system (making appointments, access to their data).
  • Patients in control of their own health (prevention and self-diagnosis tools).
  • Unparalleled hospitalization experience (online check-in, personal services, monitoring of post-operative return home, supervision of home hospitalization).
  • Digitization and streamlining of administrative formalities.

PRESERVING inclusive values

  • Support for the elderly (monitoring or home hospitalization, supervision of hospital-to-home travel and vice versa).
  • Assistance for the disabled (home monitoring, teleconsultation, travel arrangements).
  • Preventive advice for young people (STDs, nutrition, school health).

PROVIDING healthcare professionals with the best digital solutions

  • Easier collaboration between professionals (secure messaging, sharing of imaging, longitudinal tracking).
  • Targeted use of telemedicine, starting with “e-prescriptions”.
  • The use of artificial intelligence to enhance diagnoses and treatments.

And in the future?

The patient will be able to benefit from a seamless care pathway between outpatient and hospital treatment, with an emphasis on home hospitalization, practitioners assisted by the latest advances in artificial intelligence and the possibility of being kept perfectly informed of their situation.


PRIORITIES for the successful, inclusive and responsible “e-health” approach

Major Topics

of the Extended Monaco Program

Major Topics

of the Extended Monaco Program