Monaco Digital Advisory Council

Under the Presidency of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and comprising global digital technology experts from the public and private sectors, the Council’s main role is to advise Monaco on its strategic vision for digital and on implementing the actions it intends to take.

MDAC (Monaco Digital Advisory Council) missions are many-fold:

  • proposing solutions to the main challenges facing the Principality in the field of digital technology,
  • putting their networks and companies at the service of the Principality
  • acting as ambassadors for the Monegasque digital transition outside Monaco.

In 2018, the meeting of the Council brought together a quite remarkable panel of experts:

  • NICK JENNINGS:  Professor of Artificial Intelligence at IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, who is internationally recognised as an expert in this field.
  • MARC-ANDRE KAMEL:  A Monegasque national and a Partner and Director of BAIN & COMPANY.  He heads the Distribution and Luxury division for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is one of the leaders of the Transformation and Customer Strategy and Marketing divisions.
  • AXELLE LEMAIRE:  Former Secretary of State for Digital Technology in France and a partner in the consulting firm ROLAND BERGER.
  • HANI MAHMASSANI:  A Professor at NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, who is considered a world expert in the mobility sector.
  • HIROSHI MIKITANI:  Founder and CEO of RAKUTEN, Japan’s largest digital platform.
  • KRISHNAKUMAR NATARAJAN:  Co-founder and Executive President of MINDTREE, India’s leading IT company with regard to smart city issues.
  • NIKLAS MYHR:  A Professor at Chapman University, who is considered the world’s leading expert on social networks.
  • DIEGO PIACENTINI:  Government Commissioner for Digital Matters in Italy, the first Vice-President of AMAZON and its second largest shareholder ($3.2 billion).
  • BALAJI SRINIVASAN:  Co-founder of COINBASE (the largest Blockchain company) and an Associate of ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ (the largest Californian venture capital fund).
  • GUNHILD STORDALEN:  Founder and Executive President of the EAT FOUNDATION.
The Monaco Digital Advisory Council was established in November 2018 and is made up of stakeholders from the global elite.