September 2019

Smart bus shelters: a clever combination of infrastructure and digital technology

New-generation bus shelters, including 33 smart or connected shelters, were installed in Monaco during 2019.

As part of its transport infrastructure plan, the Government is banking on digital technology to improve quality of life and the Principality’s long-term appeal.

One of the first steps in this initiative was to upgrade the Principality’s bus shelters by installing new-generation shelters. Of a total of 57, 33 are so-called smart or connected shelters. They are intended to be true digital reference points at the heart of the city, developing new ways of interacting with users.

These bus shelters are the first symbols of Monaco’s smart city and vital platforms for communicating and interacting with the public. They will have a huge impact on the transport experience, on measuring quality of life and on connectivity in Monaco.
Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Digital Officer.

Offering an innovative means of outdoor communication and interactive information, these new shelters have several aims:

  • To increase the amount of information provided to users
  • To improve the transport experience in the Principality
  • To consolidate the infrastructure for connected, eco-friendly and shared transport options
  • To manage resources more efficiently

In other words, this is about improving dissemination of and access to information on the latest news and quality of life in the Principality. New digital uses that will help three target groups (residents, commuters and tourists) are also emerging.

“These new shelters are still primarily designed to be used by passengers waiting for their buses, but they also look good and are equipped with high-tech features. They show how our urban street furniture is changing. It needs to be practical and contribute to the creation of a Smart city in Monaco,” emphasised Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

Predictive functionality

The bus shelters, which have been installed in 33 important locations within the Principality, will make it possible to offer new digital experiences, access to advanced digital services, including those developed by the Government, and better monitoring of urban data (sensors). They will be used to provide data about the city. They will improve data collection, processing and cross-referencing in order to enhance urban monitoring and eventually provide the ability to make predictions on key issues such as air quality, noise, traffic and energy consumption by buildings.

A new way to engage with the population

This modern, design-forward street furniture also introduces certain key built-in functions:

  • Connectors designed to allow smartphone charging
  • A double-sided advertising screen on which institutional information can be displayed (for 17% of the display time)
  • Real-time bus arrival information (Monegasque Bus Company screen)
  • A 32-inch digital touchscreen giving users access to three levels of services, which will be enhanced over time, and providing information about mobility, transport and quality of life (all of the city’s latest news, attractions, etc.). Entertainment (quizzes, games) will also be available via the touchscreens
  • Sensors that will provide government departments with a better overview of the urban environment, particularly with respect to air quality and wireless internet quality
  • A free Wi-Fi hotspot

Additional functionality is planned over the longer term, including contactless payment for purchasing travel tickets.

In addition to the Prince’s Government, the key stakeholders in this project are Monaco City Hall, Monaco Telecom and Clear Channel, a world leader in the development of smart bus shelters.

Street furniture is the ideal communications tool for public authorities who want to reach citizen users. This creates links. This partnership is one step. We want to introduce more utility and opportunity into this dialogue; it’s a journey that we hope to make with you over the years to come.
Philippe Baudillon, CEO, Clear Channel France

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