October 2019

Citymapper arrives in Monaco: an “all-in-one” app to help you get around

After Paris, London, Moscow, Singapore and Sydney, now it’s Monaco’s turn to benefit from the services offered by Citymapper, a free mobile app that provides users with real-time travel guidance. Suggested routes combine walking, self-service electric bikes, bus, bateau-bus (water bus), train, car sharing and even helicopter. Citymapper Monaco also provides real-time information on the availability of spaces in the Principality’s car parks – a world first for the app that now covers more than 40 cities!

Part of the #ExtendedMonaco Smart City programme, the project being undertaken by the Digital Transition Office and the Principality’s urban development teams aims to offer users better information about transport solutions and to support the Prince’s Government’s mobility policy, particularly with respect to eco-friendly travel. Citymapper Monaco proposes soft mobility and public transport alternatives to using the car.

Thanks to this travel helper, Monegasques, commuters and tourists can now access a number of real-time route suggestions, that take account of congestion, that will get them from point A to point B in the Principality, as well as to and from the country from within an expanded area extending from the Italian border to Nice Airport.

The first version of the app includes the following modes of transport: SNCF, Mobee, Monabike, Monacair, Monegasque Bus Company (CAM), Zest (services passing through Monaco), Ligne d’Azur (services passing through Monaco and Cap d’Ail service).

Citymapper increases the amount of information available to users and improves their experience of mobility in the Principality. One of the main purposes of the app is the ability to check timetables in real time and set up an alert to notify the user of any delays or let them know when their transport is approaching (for example, users can configure the app to receive a notification when their bus is approaching so that they can get to the nearest bus stop without having to wait around).

All types of transport in the blink of an eye via a single app!

A powerful, developing, multilingual app

“Everything is automated. When the Monegasque Bus Company and SNCF become aware of delays, the data is fed into the app. So real-time information can be provided about a possible delay, or if a bus or train is cancelled,” emphasises Georges Gambarini. Users can also compare the different routes suggested by the app and find a plan B in a single click.

The app also has some functionality which is unique to the Principality. The Monegasque version of Citymapper includes a bespoke new feature: the availability of real-time information on free parking spaces in all of the Principality’s car parks.

The idea is to help drivers to park, then to encourage them to switch to soft mobility options by highlighting alternatives to the car.
Georges Gambarini

The tool has been introduced to improve the mobility experience in the Principality: the app presents scenarios for each route and incorporates a self-learning system that uses the choices made by users to improve its suggestions.

The multimodal app is aimed at the Principality’s 50,000 commuters and 35,000 residents as well as tourists visiting the country (whether for business or pleasure), helping them to select the best transport option for their journey.

For offline use, the app also includes maps of the transport networks.

The Government opted for Citymapper based on user satisfaction rates in the cities where the app was already up and running (a 4.5 rating on the AppStore and more than 20 million users worldwide). Moreover, it is a smart solution that offers relevant algorithms, a self-learning system, and a fun, educational side which allows users to compare the different modes of transport and convert them into the number of calories they would shed, illustrated by dishes typically eaten in the local region, or into the number of trees they would save.

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stars (user satisfaction rating with the app – Source: AppStore)