Monaco in a digital world is...

For over seven hundred years, the Principality of Monaco has been able to develop, reinvent itself and meet the challenges brought by major global developments in order to preserve its independence and prosperity.

Today we face a new challenge, that of the advent of digital technology, which is redefining the international equilibrium, transforming our economies and having a far-reaching impact on society. Digital technology impacts the behavior of the individual, regardless of his status. It challenges our perceptions, renews our ideas, and is causing profound transformation for all of us in all aspects of our lives. Governments must seize the opportunity of these upheavals to give them positive meaning, to improve their public policies and to develop and reposition their economies.

As an attentive observer of the changes in our world and its environment, I have become convinced that this revolution is irreversible, and of the need to bring my country firmly into the digital age.

We must therefore equip the Principality with the necessary means to take its rightful place in this new world and to write the next chapter of our history, thereby perpetuating our uniqueness, which is more relevant than ever.

Monaco in a digital world is a country that derives a unique advantage from its size, namely the capacity to coherently transform its economic and social model.

Monaco in a digital world means making the most of all our talents, those of both our community and those of the men and women who come from far and wide to live, work and create wealth here.

Monaco in a digital world is also a model based on attention to the needs of all, on excellence of quality of life and the inven- tion of new standards – a human-focused, ethical, responsible and secure model that is protected from the risks of digital excess.

Monaco in a digital world is the opportunity to start a new cycle of prosperity by boosting our areas of economic excellence, and also by creating new drivers of growth, particularly through the unprecedented opportunity of freeing ourselves from our territorial boundaries.

Monaco in a digital world is, finally, its entire community actively united in a single goal, that of finding our Principality a new place in this world, which is reinventing itself. This goal is backed by the “Extended Monaco” program.

Welcome to a responsible and sustainable digital model! Welcome to Monaco!

Extended Monaco is unique

For the first time, a government is setting out to combine the best that digital technology can offer and to apply it simultaneously to all of its public policies and its economy.For the first time, a government is openly willing to form partnerships, whether with local actors or with giants of the digital world, offering them an exceptional demonstration showcase.

Distinctly Monégasque, this new model advocates a responsible and protective digital universe that is at the service of man.Monaco will be the place where progress is developed and financed, a Funding Nation for progress.The brainchild of ten major international digital technology personalities brought together by Prince Albert II, this vision has been taking shape over the last twelve months.

Created to benefit both Monégasques and those who choose the Principality as their place of residence, for their business or for tourism, it is based on three main priorities:

  • enhancing an already exceptional quality of life;
  • inaugurating a new cycle of economic prosperity;
  • boosting the value of the civil service.

Although it has already achieved significant initial success,the Extended Monaco program will come into full swing over the next three years.

Key Figures

Contextualised quantitative data linked to the #ExtendedMonaco programme. It is worth noting that IMSEE makes all chapters of Monaco in Figures freely available in a digital version via its website

Extended Monaco Vision

5G in 2019 and fiber by 2022

Laws to regulate digital transformation


of territory to deploy in a record time the Extended Monaco vision


country where all students are trained on Coding from kindergarten to secondary school


Civil servants trained in 2019 through the Campus