A mobile network will be available to everyone in the Principality

27 February 2024

From 5 March 2024, all French mobile customers will be able to use the Monegasque network throughout the Principality. This roll-out is being driven by the Government of Monaco, in collaboration with French mobile network operators and the national operator Monaco Telecom, to harmonise the quality of the mobile network across the country.

There is an FAQ section providing information for French network customers is available by clicking below :

With the unified mobile network, customers will switch networks via data roaming when they arrive in Monaco. ‘Monaco Telecom’ will be displayed at the top of the phone screen in place of the French operator’s name.

Just as when travelling to other European countries, customers will be able to use the local operator’s mobile phone network to make and receive calls or connect to the internet.

To use the Monaco Telecom network, French mobile customers will need to check that the following settings have been configured when they arrive in the country:

  • Mobile data and data roaming; “data abroad”. Mobile internet services such as MMS, WhatsApp and other apps require mobile data to be activated
  • All calls to France require the code +33. The number may need to be saved to contacts in the same format
  • Set to “automatic network selection” or, if no network is displayed, manually select “Monaco Telecom”

With just a few days to go before the roll-out, Christophe Pierre, Director of Digital Platforms and Resources at the Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition, spoke of the need for and advantages of the network:

“Faced with the continuing growth in mobile usage and faced with a high population density and limited frequency resources, the Government saw the need to move towards a harmonised mobile network. Backed by the French Government and made possible thanks to the cooperation of French mobile network operators and our national operator, the new service will ultimately ensure a consistent quality of service and coverage for all customers of foreign mobile networks.”

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