Luc Jacquet, Executive at Icebreaker, is an artist who is actively engaged in protecting the environment.

He and his team have created a filming method where both artists and scientists work together while on expeditions in order to make films which not only create meaning but also provoke emotions. As a result of these expeditions, they have honed great expertise in film-making for the cinema, in producing TV programmes, in creating pedagogical material and concepts and in popularizing scientific contents.

The alarm bells are ringing to warn us about the dangers of climate change and overexploiting natural resources, and scientists from all over the world are calling out for action to address these issues. Ice Breaker strongly believes that loving and understanding our world is a universal need. If mankind has a better understanding of the world, it will be looked after with greater care. To reach this goal, the team intends to use their experience to build a virtuous economic system in order to make a new kind of films and exhibitions that will promote these positive values. This economic model will require a high level of artistic quality but this, and the use of the universal language of images and emotions, will ensure that the works produced are screened to audiences all over the world.


  • 5 projects over 10 years
  • Oscar-winner
  • 4 films, 5 immersive exhibitions, documentaries and TV series, a cinema hackathon, scientific content…

First project: Siberia

Investment Return

  • Investors will receive a percentage of 20% on the overall gross turnover.
  • An additional 55% participation on the net income of the company.
   Share :
Icebreaker Token
  • Target Fund Raise: € 50,000,000
  • Issuer: Icebreaker
  • Min. Investment Amount: €100,000
  • The issuance price of the token:
  • 1 token = 10,000 EUR
  • Investment Type: Participation Notes
  • Currencies: EUR
  • Termination Date: December 2023
  • Token Standard: T-REX Protocol

He wrote and directed the film March of the Penguins, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2005

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Patrick produced "nature" documentaries for television, mainly for the CANAL + and FRANCE TELEVISION groups

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Dimitri is a copyright specialist holding a Doctorate in private international law. He joined ICEBREAKER in 2019.

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