Smart mobility: leveraging digital technology to improve transport

03 October 2019

A press conference was held on Wednesday 2 October to discuss smart mobility projects currently under way to benefit users visiting the Principality. Digital technology is one of the levers that can help to achieve the target of reducing car traffic by 20% by 2030.

It was an opportunity to review the digital tools and services being rolled out or improved, including:

  • Monabike, the shared bike service, which has been hugely successful since it was modernised during summer 2019, bringing the fleet to a total of 300 bikes spread across 32 stations
  • Mobee, the free-floating car share scheme, which is currently undergoing an upgrade of its fleet and management platform
  • Citymapper,the all-in-one mobile app promoting soft mobility options in Monaco and the surrounding area
  • Waze, an app familiar to car users, with which Monaco took part in the Waze Citizen Program, making it possible to provide more accurate information to users that takes account of specific local issues (for example, roads blocked during events)
  • Smart bus shelters, also installed during the summer, which are used to inform users (advertising panels, touchscreens, bus timetables) and provide practical services (USB chargers, free Wi-Fi access and, soon, air/noise sensors)

The trial of the self-driving shuttle will conclude this autumn, having transported more than 7,800 passengers. As a first large-scale trial, it will help to prepare the ground for further testing.


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